What We Do


Melanite Group Ltd. offers procurement and supply chain management services to client across different industries. Through our partnership with a large number of manufacturers, suppliers and vendors across North America and Europe, we offer a wide range of quality products and solutions including but not limited to;

  • Test and measurement equipment;
  • Lab instruments;
  • Industrial machinery, packaging equipment, milling machines, etc.;
  • Electrical supplies;
  • Electromagnetic and RF components and subsystems ;
  • Computer and network hardware and software.

Project Management

Melanite Group offers a range of project management services aimed at helping a client establish, structure, plan, staff, deliver and learn from a project. We help you improve PMO performance with proven project management consulting and time-tested approaches that have been implemented in tens of organizations.

To help project managers utilize resources efficiently and keep variables in check, Melanite Group provides project management and support services to assist in the planning and successful execution of projects.

Our solutions include:

  • Project management methodology development
  • Project & program health checks & audit
  • Project management governance & policy development
  • Organization-specific project management training

Our advantage lies in the breadth of our experience.  Our highly customized teams of industry experts are well-versed in a variety of methodologies and have a keen ability to produce lasting results.  From project inception through execution, our highly capable project managers have the insight and experience to deliver results on time and on budget.

Business Development

We help our clients connect with key contractors and distribution markets, and even to find their next venture.

Our Business Development Consulting Services include:

  • Assistance with business plan preparation;
  • Business information and resource materials
  • Business advisory services;
  • Market research and studies;
  • Facilitate market penetration and international growth;
  • Leverage relationships to grow your business;
  • Seek alternative financial resources including private loans, government funding, etc. for your development programs.

Innovation and Technology

Melanite Group assists its clients in innovation development journey through providing access to knowledge, technology, expertise, network and financial resources. We fast track innovation to market by working with industry and academic partners and clients to discover, develop and commercialize technology.

We have established expertise in commercialization through years of experience in technology development and market pull innovation. We are proud to be part of Alberta innovation eco-system.