Industries Served

We have a diverse range of experts across four industries
Renewable Energy

We offer expertise in pre-feasibility studies, design and engineering, project management, procurement, project development, and turnkey delivery.


We supply waste-to-energy solutions for various applications based on incineration and gasification.


We create business networks between various shipping vessels and to a variety of technical solutions to manage ongoing maintenance.

Health & Safety

We have acquired Health Canada’s MDEL Licence Level I, II, and III. Our main objective is to source high quality medical equipment and deliver to countries in need.

Services Offered

Our expertise lies in two distinct solutions
Procurement & Supply Chain

We have positioned ourselves to become a major supplier of goods and services across the globe.

Project Management

Our approach is based on two well-known methodologies: Agile and Waterfall.

Melanite Group Ltd is an innovation-oriented company that provides technical and business solutions to its clients.

We build relationships based on trust and reliability.

Our Clients

With a track record working with different levels of government in Canada including Federal, Provincial and Municipal as well as several international organizations, Melanite Group has become the reliable partner for procurement and distribution services to our clients’ needs in safety, environment, energy, healthcare and marine.

As part of our growth strategy, we actively participate in procurement opportunities with government organizations, United Nations and international development banks. We are continuously updating and expanding our offering, building relationships with new manufacturers, and adding new suppliers and contractors to our networks.

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