Melanite Group Ltd offers expertise in pre-feasibility studies, design and engineering, project development, procurement, project management, and turnkey delivery. We have utilized our knowledge to develop alternative forms of energy and infrastructure projects for other developers.

Our team is experienced in the principles and practices of electrical power generation, alternative forms of energy, smart grids, micro-generation, and suitable energy. As a reliable solutions provider, we partner with utility-scale project developers to execute Power Purchase Agreements (PPA‘s) through extensive market research, technical review, and financial analysis.

We are well positioned to identify and respond to various procurement and project opportunities that are publicly posted by different government and international departments. As diversity is one of our fundamental strengths, our ability to manage a wide range of business challenges is what distinguishes us from our competitors.

Throughout our company, we also supply a wide spectrum of equipment from megawatt scale gas engines to photovoltaics panels, batteries, storage systems, inverters, micro-inverters, and control systems. We build long-term relationships based on trust and accountability to strengthen our expertise in power storage, transmission, and distribution infrastructure.

Melanite Group Ltd responds to various inquiries through our Request for Quotation (RFQ) process to connect our clients with suppliers based on their individual suitability. We aim to overcome obstacles faced in the legislation process by understanding a diverse range of international regulations and through creating better access to business networks.

Solar Plants Monitoring Solutions

SunSniffer is a module monitoring system that allows solar plant owners to identify power reducing errors. This pioneering German-made technology lowers the major cost factors in the operation of a plant.

These costs are namely maintenance, error detection, and fault finding and through continuous real-time monitoring of each module, this ensures a constant and optimal energy production. If properly implemented, this solution can increase the yield.

Portable Solar System

Solartrichter is a solar energy system solution that works independently of location in the smallest spaces and achieves maximum yield. Its modular structure allows quick assembly, as well as ease of transport.

This solution is most ideal for installation on rest areas, parking lots, holding bays, and viewing points. As a sustainable power source, it can be connected directly to e-charging stations on site and serves as a reliable supply unit.

Flywheel Storage Technology

The Gerotor HPS is an energy storage solution that enables active energy management based on its flywheel storage device. This was developed with regard to durability, power density, and design to cost.

This electromagnetic short-term storage device saves electrical energy, costs, and emissions with maximum efficiency and energy recovery. If implemented properly, this can reduce power consumption by up to 60% and connected load up to 75%.

Energy Storage Solutions

With our energy storage systems, homes and businesses gain access to a safe, reliable and efficient power management that harnesses the full potential of renewable sources.

Energy storage enables you to store energy whenever it is available and release it when needed. By gaining greater reliability and independence, you avoid potential dips in the grid supply. Energy storage is available for homes, commercial or industrial buildings, or at an even larger level if you are a utility provider. This transformational technology is revolutionizing energy for all of us.