Project Management

Melanite Group Ltd’s approach to project management combines two methodologies: Agile and Waterfall. This blended approach allows us to take full advantage of beneficial components from each methodology without being limited to one. Our first goal is to fully understand our clients’ needs and tailor our approach accordingly. We cover project control processes and requirements and continue on to oversee:

Status Reporting
Issues Management
Change Management
Address Potential Risk Factors
Create Mitigation Plans
Consult with Safety Policies and Procedures

Our project managers assume full ownership of the deliverables and are the single point of contact for clients throughout the life cycle of the project. In order to ensure client satisfaction of overall quality, Program Reviews are schedule regularly allowing us the opportunity to provide our clients with a status on accomplishments during the previous period, planned activities, budget, issues, recommendations, advice and insight. At Melanite Group, we are committed to quality and our clients’ satisfaction. Our offerings are continually being refined and improved as a result of our experience on all of our client engagements. We leverage our research to consistently integrate industry best practice quality standards and trends.

We take pride in our capabilities both in the range of products and services that we are equipped to provide and the quality with which we are able to provide them. Melanite Group has accumulated an experienced staff whose enthusiasm is rivalled only by their dedication to ensure quality service to our customers. What differentiates us from our competition is our passion for problem solving throughout a diverse range of industries. We believe that accountability, innovation, and sustainability are at the core of what we do. Through creating long-term partnerships, we aim to help our clients establish, structure, plan, deliver, and ultimately learn from a project.

Our managerial structure allows us to provide a hands-on approach, whereby one project resource is well-versed on a specific client’s projects and is backed by a team of experienced staff who are specialists in their respective fields. Melanite Group Ltd remains a company that offers the customer service and attention to detail that only a smaller company can provide, with the resources of a large company, to back up our promises to customers.